Man of Honor Weekend


The idea for the Man of Honor Weekend was conceived back in 2010, by a small group of men, who aspired to live honorably,  and recognized the gap between the way most men desire to live and the way they actually live. This got us thinking about ways to reduce this gap.

We wanted Man of Honor to be a place for men to grow and learn from others, so they could avoid mistakes and regrets. It’s a place for men who’ve failed to rise above the past and finish strong, and for good men to get better. The Man of Honor weekend needed to be practical and effective in identifying hinderances, providing tangible solutions, and incorporating an enjoyable outdoor setting. It also required adult accommodations, i.e. no bunkbeds or camp style sleeping arrangements with more than two guys staying in the same room.

With those objectives the first Man of Honor weekend took place in 2012, at this fantastic mountain center in Colorado which provides quality lodgings, great food and an assortment of outdoor activities conducive to experiential learning. Man of Honor is a place that embraces traditional values such as honesty, integrity and consistency, while neither being a church camp nor some warrior initiation event.

Since these humble beginnings in 2012, every year the weekend has continued to grow in numbers, leadership, and positive impact, with a significant portion of guys returning annually.


By definition a Man of Honor is: A man who adheres to what is right or adheres to a high standard of conduct. This is the purpose of Man of Honor.

Men face struggles that get in the way of consistently living up to their desired standards. Nobody is exempt! Each man who wants to improve himself will eventually need to deal with obstacles such as; temptations, bad habits, anger, failures, mistakes, greed, jealousy, and betrayal to name just a few. HOW we handle these struggles determines our level of honor.

You may be successful, and your life may even be desirable, but deep inside you know that there are a few issues that need addressing.  This event is for you.

You may be a guy who’s dealt with a lot of crap already and appear to be doing OK, yet you know you’re not at the place you hoped to be. This event is for you.

You may be accomplished in business or sport or community, but your home life or marriage sucks and the dog is the only one happy to see you.  This event is for you.

You may be tired of living with disappointments, baggage from the past, unhealthy practices, or any other negative habits. This event is for you.

You may be none of the above, yet you are committed to constant improvement in your life, and understand the importance of having good teaching, friends and mentors; or you’ve felt stuck, trapped or worn out trying to do this on your own. This event is for you.

Now, if you are the guy that doesn’t need any improvements, adjustments or alignment, then please don’t sign up. It won’t be a happy time for you.

If you have the courage to take your life to a higher level, to address the crap in your life, and not be afraid of some hard work, the Man of Honor event will offer you the place to adjust, improve, and align yourself with purpose so that you can live as a Man of Honor.


We utilize the natural outdoor setting to facilitate a ‘hands-on’ experience that can’t be replicated in some generic hotel conference room. The majority of our time is spent outside, which allows us to communicate time-tested principles in a natural and practical fashion. A therapist would call this a form of Kinesthetic Learning, we call it normal.

We’ll do our best to get straight to the point, without being offensive or abrasive, while still challenging and encouraging you. We’re not into psychoanalyzing or uprooting childhood traumas. We are not going to treat you like a victim or blame your crap on addiction, but what we will do is request responsibility from you, without demanding it.

Man of Honor is a place to deal with your struggles without having to attend a ‘religious’ event, yet still embraces solid traditional values.

Note: for those in treatment, or those on medications, or those in ongoing therapeutic work, please consult with your physician/therapist for their recommendation on your attendance. We are not a treatment center, nor are we a replacement for ongoing professional care, nor are we licensed practitioners. 

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Founders Message

“At 29, I had been away from my parent’s home for 11 years. I had a wife and 3 kids, a new business, our first house, and 600 miles stood between me and the father I spoke with less than once a month. He certainly instilled in me a good work ethic and a love for the outdoors and a sense of independence, but what I needed at that time was a little support or guidance on being a husband, father and friend. Then, my father and my example, was involved in a serious car accident that left him unable to ever be the support or the help or the voice of reason I needed. Sadly, after 9 years of being in a care facility, he finally passed.

“Like many men, I was left to face adulthood on my own.

I may have been too proud to ask or been too dumb to know better, but my limited experiences were not enough to deal properly with all of life’s challenges. What I did know … wasn’t exactly working for me.

“Fortunately, a man showed up and modeled for me what a good man looks like, and he set a higher standard for me to rise up to. His wisdom, experience, and firmness inspired in me confidence and courage to overcome life’s challenges. He was the standard bearer, and Man of Honor is an extension of his legacy.” – Brian Bercht

What to Expect

A  life-changing experience that empowers all men to live a life of honor and find one’s true identity and fulfill their destiny.

The remote and scenic mountain location provides the ideal setting for men to deal with manly issues by using the natural environment and elements to make learning and growing into an experience rather than a classroom.

We are not going to be sitting around a conference room discussing ‘how we feel’, but rather embarking on an adventure of life altering work. If you want to be pampered or catered to or want to have your shoes shined before the ‘meeting’ then this is not for you!

What We Discuss …

  • Anger & Resentments
  • Guilt & Shame
  • Greed & Jealousy
  • Isolation & Friendships
  • Redeeming Failures
  • Purpose & Big Picture
  • Procrastination
  • Integrity & Consistency
  • Respect: Give it – Earn it
  • Character
  • Responsibility & Forgiveness
  • Balance

Your past does not define your future!

You can become a man of honor, respect and character!